Welcome by Heliotropo

Heliotropo offers tailor-made solutions for Human and Organizational growth and development. Heliotropo in Greek, means literally 'grow to'(tropo) 'the sun'(helio) or;'grow to a new and higher consciousness.' Heliotropo is an outgrow of 30 years of study and experience with people and organizations growth and development through: coaching, counselling. teambuilding activities, cultural change and co-creation. My name is Joyce Wazirali. Through my broad knowledge and experience on the formal and informal aspects of organizations and layers of personalities (rational-, physical-, social-emotional-, spiritual- and on soullevel), I have a holistic view about the dynamics of the different aspects and the underlying (often unconscious) patterns. Often it is only visible in the figures or behavior of people. By breaking through the cause of the unconscious patterns, a transformation takes place. With Heliotropo I help to transform people and organizations by growing to a new and higher consciousness. I believe that man is a unique and versatile creature, with deep answers for a happy and successful existence. Being and staying happy is a combination of thinking, body, spirit and living- en working environment. People and organizations are inextricably linked and function best when there is a feeling of being happy. This can manifest itself in balance, harmony, togetherness, satisfaction, solidarity, responsibility and result.


If a person is not happy, that can manifest in the form of restlessness, fears, non-medically explainable physical complaints, stress, burn-out, concettration problems, insecurity, limited beliefs, repeating obstructive patterns, problems at work and/ or living environment. Within an organization; high absenteeism occurs, high staff turnover, lack of capacity, lack of responsibility, individualization, insufficient effect of training and training programs, friction between different departments and subgroups within the organization, the continuation of very old historical obstacles or patterns, lack of clarity about responsibilities, difficulty with making choises.

As an expert and experienced process supervisor, Heliotropo offers you highly effective and innovative solution-oriented interventions and service in the form of: