Coaching & Counselling

I see Coaching & Counselling as traveling together. Walking alongside you for a while, with the goal for you to be able to continue on your own feet. During that walk I connect as much as possible with your experiences and I help to enlarge the insight in yourself by 'mirroring' and 'confronting'. With tailor-made interventions I help you to break through obstructing patterns, relasing trauma's and 'polish your own diamant in your heart'.


Heliotropo researches, advises and guides change processes within organizations and contributes to bring people and culture in line with your business goals. There is more potential in every organization than is achieved. Daily activities that can lead to new opportunities have not been given a chance; constant work must be done. As a executive, manager, or director you are part of the system. As a result, it is sometimes difficult to oversee and combine all forces that influences the system. Heliotropo offers perspective, advises and implements interventions, which we jointly establish as strengthening your market position.

Interim management

Experience shows that the (temporary) loss of a manager or problems at management level, has its effect on the whole organization. That is why it is important to solve these problems professionaly and as quickly as possible.

Organization coaching
Many well-intentioned change processes within organizations often fall short because of the 'inflexibility'of People and Organization Culture. Imagine: your organization is forced to change due to market conditions and ( a part of) your employees do not cooperate. There is a culture in your organization that makes changes impossible or difficult. Behavior of your employees repeats despite training and replacement. You have plans for the future with your organization and you lack vision and support. You want to make your organization more vital.

Management coaching

Heliotropo has the experience that executives/managers/ directors of organizations are often in a lonely position and have the need for a sparring partner who is entrepreneurial and honest, speaks the same language, 'puts his finger on the soar spot', uses effective and efficient interventions and making a creative mind aware of possibilities.

HR coaching

Heliotropo has the experience that organizations are dependent on the presence and added value of their employees. A stable and healthy workforce is indispensable in order to do more work with the same number of employees over time and thus to achieve a higher result from your organization.

Work and Organizational constellations
'If you can not put your finger on it!'
An organization can be compared to an Iceberg. The part that protrudes above the water surface represents the formal aspect af the organization, the part that is located below the water surface represents the informal aspects of the organization. Informal factors include: power and influence structures, interaction patterns and group relationships, group norms, indirect role expectations and value systems, expectations, wishes, needs, employee satisfaction with the organization and work. The Iceberg model makes it clear that most of everything that happens in an organization is hidden below the surface.

Family constellations

If 'something' moves you!' Family constellations invite people who wants to find a new access road to a fulfilled and happy life. Many people have the experience that, despite intense work on themselves, they encounter the same problems over and over again. Very often they do not know why. They are entangled in patterns that not only comes from the person themselves, but are taken over unconsciously from their family. Family constellations make clear what the unconscious patterns are that are transmitted through their family. They offer insights on a very deep level that help to change our lives positively.

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Core qualities

For the growth of your personal and team potential.

Core qualities are qualities that belong to the essence or the core of a person. Core qualities 'colors'a person; it is the specific strength that we immediately think of. A core quality can be recognized by someone's special skill, for which he himself says:'That goes without saying.'Examples of core qualities are decisiveness, care, carefulness, orderliness, receptiveness, empathy, etc.

The game of gifts for adults
Are you looking for your gifts and/or your (life) mission, you do not know whether you are on the right path, miss your inspiration, you have lost contact with your inner motivation, you get no energy from the things you do, do the things you do get laborious in your life or do you need clarity about the right direction in your life, study and/ or work? Then the game is an inervention that can help you to get clarity and bring change in your life, study and/or work.

The game of gifts for young people
If you want to know what you can do instead of what you can not do.

Are you a young person (11 to 19 years) and are you looking for your gifts and/or your (life) mission/ dream, do not know what you are good at and you find it difficult to make choices, are you looking for inspiration and inner motivation, do you get no energy from the things you do, are the things you do difficult in your life or do you need clarity about the right direction in your life, study and/ or work? Then the game is an intervention that can help you to get clarity and bring change in your life, study and/or work.

Training Transformational leadership

This training has been specially developed for executives, management, and teamleaders who wants to get the best out of themselves and their relationships. Transformational leadership is the ability to step out of one's own culture and initiate new evolutionary changes that are more appropriate. This 14-day training has been developed for people who are responsible for an organization, team or department, want to develop, apply and integrate skills. With the aim to make contact with oneself and others from inner strength at all time.

Guidance of organizations with self-organizing teams and learning organizations

growing to a new and higher awareness
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