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I see Coaching & Counselling as traveling together. Walking alongside you for a while, with the goal for you to be able to continue on your own feet. During that walk I connect as much as possible with your experiences and I help to enlarge the insight in yourself by 'mirroring' and 'confronting'. With tailor-made interventions I help you to break through obstructing patterns, relasing trauma's and 'polish your own diamant in your heart'.

Man lives and develop in relation to others and 'the other' (nature, faith,..). It is important to examine the way in which you make contact with your environment: in this way you can discover how your can shape your personal development within this contact or these relationships. In our culture, the connection of many people with their emotional world is interrupted. They are trapped in worry and are partly cut off from their emotional and physical experiences. The latter often occurs in the form of pain and complaints. One of the methods that works is through physical awaress, to bring the contact with the emotional 'inner world'into balance, so that lust for life and vitality are recovered. Important for this recovery is to gain insights about patterns that you have learned in dealing with your 'living environment' and discovering that you can make choises.

for whom? 


For anyone who has problems with physical and/or emotional condition (e.g. health problems that do not pass, phobias, anxiety disorders, unprocessed experiences), problems at work (e.g. tension complaints, stress, burn-out, concentration problems), problems with personal development (e.g. not feeling comfortable, depression, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, being bullied), problems with repeating patterns within the family system (e.g. personal circumstances, feelings, illness), problems with the living environment, not being able to find inner peace, feeling lethargic and lacking in energy.


growing to a new and higher awareness
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