Heliotropo researches, advises and guides change processes within organizations and contributes to bring people and culture in line with your business goals. There is more potential in every organization than is achieved. Daily activities that can lead to new opportunities have not been given a chance; constant work must be done. As a executive, manager, or director you are part of the system. As a result, it is sometimes difficult to oversee and combine all forces that influences the system. Heliotropo offers perspective, advises and implements interventions, which we jointly establish as strengthening your market position.

method according to a 3-steps model:

1. Preliminary investigation
2. Advice and recommendations
3. Integration change processes

Three points of attention apply here:
Organisation (mission and vision), people and culture. During the preliminary research 'the red thread', qualities, needs, challenges and the question behind the question within the organization are mapped out. This provides an overall picture that results in three qualifications/ advice:
a)   Organization coaching
b)   Management coaching
c)   HR coaching

An important aspect of this research is the involvement of the management, because awareness is very important for the right objectives and choices. They must carry it and convey it in an authentic way that also provides employees with space and insight.

After interviewing the management and staff members, Heliotropo compiles a short and powerful advice. This advice consists of suggestions for management and any associated training of groups and/ or coaching of carriers of the organization.

Change of human behavior and corporate culture is realized by;
Awareness of the mechanisms behind the current behavior and the necessary interventions to make, establish connection between employees through the benefits of diversity. Development of individual employee from their inner strength, qualities and talents. Create a better cooperation through openness. To come out as one whole organization that propagates the essence of the business goals.

Mission en vision

determine the identity of an organization. The process of formulating the mission and vision is essential here. Ideas, opinions and ambitions are shared with each other, resulting in clarity about the 'course to be taken' within the organization.


is an inseperable element of the organization. Every person has his own identity that originates from their own core values. Just like an organization has its core values. In the interest of the continuity of the organization and the people, the agreement of the joint core values is essential.


is determined by the people in the organization. This happens at an informal level and causes certain behaviors. The cause of these behaviors is not visible and therefor often difficult to change. By making the cause visible and looking for solutions, ways are opened to initiate change to the desired culture. Through clear shared core values between the people and organization and an ideal culture at that time, the energy of both people and the organization will increase. The basis to be able to research and analyze people and culture, and to offer possibilities for change, lies in the information about facts that have been taken place in history. Facts that can play an important role in the cultural determination include that the following rules have been violated.
1)   recognition of a place of your own,
2)   the correct order,
3)   balance between giving and receiving,
4)   bear your own responsibility.

At organizational level, for example;
Unjustified dismissal, succession within a (family) company, merger, reorganization, not acknowledging a founder or director.

At the labor level, for example;
Power and influence structures, group norms, expectations, wishes, trust, affective relations between superiors and subordinates, dissatisfaction of emplyees with the organization and the work.

As a result an 'undercurrent' occurs within teams, departments and organizations. As;
Unrest, absenteeism, demotivation, conflict situations, power struggles, scapegaot mechanisms, resistance, fears and desire.

For Who?
Management and employees.

At individual level:

Questions about their own competences, responsibilities and future possiblities, the feeling of not being in the right place. obstructive competition between collegues, general uncertainty and/ or dissatisfaction, repeated occurence of conflicts, choises in careers.

At organizational level:

Uncertainty in leadership, high absenteeism among employees, repeated return of the same problems, despite replacement of management, inadequate effet of training and training programs, friction between different departments and subgroups within the organization, the survival of old and other historical obstacles, lack of clarity about responsibilities, general need for more decisiveness, choises between different products.

What does it yield?

Posibilities for change, support, involvement, effectiveness, desired behavior, communication, vitality, happy people.


At your request.


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