Management coaching

Heliotropo has the experience that executives/managers/ directors of organizations are often in a lonely position and have the need for a sparring partner who is entrepreneurial and honest, speaks the same language, 'puts his finger on the soar spot', uses effective and efficient interventions and making a creative mind aware of possibilities.

Do you not see the forest through the trees as an entrepreneur? Is there a lot of meeting without cutting any knots? Is it difficult to make choises? Do you always run into the same problems? Does training programs not contribute to improving situations?

Heliotropo offers you the knowledge and experience with the success formula for setting up and building an organization, intervision issues, managing growth processes, translating annual figures into action plans to improve the results of your organization, knowledge and experience in the field. Hr erea included; staffing, conducting performance and appraisal interviews, coaching and counselling, strengthening the talents and qualitues of you and your employees.


growing to a new and higher awareness
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