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Many well-intentioned change processes within organizations often fall short because of the 'inflexibility'of People and Organization Culture. Imagine: your organization is forced to change due to market conditions and ( a part of) your employees do not cooperate. There is a culture in your organization that makes changes impossible or difficult. Behavior of your employees repeats despite training and replacement. You have plans for the future with your organization and you lack vision and support. You want to make your organization more vital.

Experience with 'written'and 'unwritten' laws.

Behavior is a consequence of following 'written' and 'unwritten' laws within an organization or team at conscious and/or unconscious levels.

By 'written laws' we mean the mission and vision and the resulting objectives and strategies. Experience has shown that the mission and vision are often a few words or cries on paper that have not been given meaning to. As a result, everyone within the organization gives their own interpretation to the mission and vision. As a result of not (optimally) achieving the organizations goals, miscommunication, lack of; ability, decisiveness, commitment and responsibility.

By 'unwritten laws' we mean events and agreements from the past, which in the present (collectivily) influences the daily course of affairs. This manifests by repetivite, obstructive patterns such as; difficulty for people in taking a place of their own, obstructing competition among colleagues, general insecurity, dissatisfaction, recurrent conflict, lack of clarity in leadership, high absenteeism, staff turnover, repeated return of the same problems despite replacement of management, insufficient effect on training and training programs, friction between different departments and subgroups within the organization, the continuation of old and other historical obstacles, lack of clairity about responsibilities, general need for more decisiveness. The 'written' and 'unwritten'laws influences each other continuously.

Heliotropo is an expert in distinguishing and understanding the mechanisms behind the current behavior. From here it is only possible to use the right solution-oriented interventions at the right time with effective and efficient results.


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