The game of gifts for adults

Are you looking for your gifts and/or your (life) mission, you do not know whether you are on the right path, miss your inspiration, you have lost contact with your inner motivation, you get no energy from the things you do, do the things you do get laborious in your life or do you need clarity about the right direction in your life, study and/ or work? Then the game is an inervention that can help you to get clarity and bring change in your life, study and/or work.

Everyone is born with talents that are fueled or extinguished in the course of life. Like children who are told at an early age that they can not draw, sing, dance, organize or learn. While these gifts are present deep inside, it is decided not to do anything with it. Because i can not do anyway. This means that talents remain unused. Or you do not know what your own talents.

Gifts give color to people and are the building blocks of our (life) mission. The more someone is aware of his or her gifts and is connected with them, the eaasier it becomes to do the things that goes easy and make you happy. The more clearly someone has his/her (life) mission in mind, the easier it becomes to make choices and choose the direction in life, work, study and relationships..

What is it?

The game of gifts is a means to discover your unique gifts, how these gifts work together for your personal development, the contact with your environment and your contribution in society, your (life) mission.


The game of gifts consists of two boards. The first is the Round Table board; whith this we start the game. This serves to get to know your gifts, to see the Mutual relationship s, and as a king/ queen to gain insight into how you govern your inner kingdom.'

The second board is The Tree of Life; this shows the coherence and hierarchy of your gifts and gives the blueprint of your life mission.'

The game is positive intense. It awakens the talent in you that give you energy and you want to do things. The number of hours required differs per person. On average, 4 to 5 sessions of 3 to 3.5 hours per session are required. Depending on what we encounter during the Game of Gifts and how aware someone is of his/ her gifts. Sometimes a coaching session is needed in between to continue with the game.'

At the end of each session, concrete action plans are made to get started. Between the sessions, we have at least two weeks of space to integrate and implement the action plans.'

For whom and when can the Game of Gift work?'


People with life questions like;'

Do I do the right job?

What is the purpose of my life?

What do I do with all my gifts?

How is it that I can not unfold?

Different possibilities for appeal attract me. What should I choose?

How do I become happy with myself?

Which place should I take?

The game is played under supervision. It is an insight and integration game, and can also serve as an aid in job applications, career conselling, team building or therapy. The Game works both diagnostically and therapeutically at the same time.

Organization or Team.

Within organizations, The Game of Gifts is used in gift/talent development, organizational development and teambuilding. Discover your own talents and that of your colleageues so that you can effectiviely use the talents within one team. The result: better cooperation, a pleasant working atmosphere and an organization that functions better.

What can you achive with that?

The Game works from the insight that everyone has a life mission to fulfill for which he/she abviously got the gifts. When we serve our gifts for the big picture, we get everything we need and we can really be happy.