The game of gifts for young people

If you want to know what you can do instead of what you can not do.

Are you a young person (11 to 19 years) and are you looking for your gifts and/or your (life) mission/ dream, do not know what you are good at and you find it difficult to make choices, are you looking for inspiration and inner motivation, do you get no energy from the things you do, are the things you do difficult in your life or do you need clarity about the right direction in your life, study and/ or work? Then the game is an intervention that can help you to get clarity and bring change in your life, study and/or work.

Everyone is born with talents that are fueled or extinguished in the course of life. Like children who are told at an early age that they can not draw, sing, dance, organize or learn. While these gifts are present deep inside, it is decided not to do anything with it. Because i can not do anyway. This means that talents remain unused. Or you do not know what your own talents.

Gifts give color to people and are the building blocks of our (life) mission. The more someone is aware of his or her gifts and is connected with them, the eaasier it becomes to do the things that goes easy and make you happy. The more clearly someone has his/her dream wish in mind, the easier it becomes to make choices and choose the direction in life, work, study and relationships..

What is it?

The game of gifts for young people is a means to discover your unique gifts, how these gifts work together for your personal development, the contact with your environment and your contribution in society, your dream.


The game of gifts for young people consists of two boards. The first is the Nautilus board; with this we start the game. It serves to get to know your gifts, to see the mutual relationships, and as a king/ queen to gain insight into how you govern your inner kingdom.'

The second board is the Pyramid board; this shows the coherence and hierarchy of your gifts and gives the blueprint of your dream or life mission.'

The game is positive intense. It awakens the talent in you that give you energy and you want to do things. A program consists oa an intake interview of about one hour, in which the parent(s) are present; then follows two sessions of two to three hours each (on different days, but that is also possible in onde day) and finally a final conversation with parents and youngsters.'

For whom and when can the Game of Gift for young people work?'

For young people and adults (with traumatic experiences or adults who are unaware of their Gifts in their younger years)


People with life questions or looking for;'

own gifts/ talents

personal development

stand more in your own strength

happiness and energy

fields of study

own unique place

trauma processing


inner peace

self confidence

direction in life/ study/ work

can make easier choices


stop bullying

stop being bullied

The game is played under supervision. It is an insight and integration game, and works both diagnostically and therapeutically at the same time.

Group workshops.

In a three day workshop, the Game of Gift for Young people is played by up to six young people.

What can you achive with that?

The Game works from the insight that everyone has a life mission to fulfill for which he/she abviously got the gifts. When we serve our gifts for the big picture, we get everything we need and we can be truly happy.