Core qualities

For the growth of your personal and team potential.

Core qualities are qualities that belong to the essence or the core of a person. Core qualities 'colors'a person; it is the specific strength that we immediately think of. A core quality can be recognized by someone's special skill, for which he himself says:'That goes without saying.'Examples of core qualities are decisiveness, care, carefulness, orderliness, receptiveness, empathy, etc.

The clearer the image that we have of our core qualities, the more consciously we can allow them to be reflected in the work. By getting to know and utilize the core qualities of your team members better, Mutual cooperation, better understanding of each other, improved Mutual understanding between team members and aopportinities to tap each others's strength and solve mutual irritations.

Goal workshop Core Qualities:

getting acquainted with the core quadrants

insight into your own core qualities

improving communication and Mutual cooperation within your team

getting to know and utilizing the qualities of your team members.

growing to a new and higher awareness
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